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A Reality Check…

I have come to the realization tonight that while yes, my house is clean and very orderly week reality sets it….

Back to school work, back to regular schedule, back to regular life….

So while it is nice now to feel organized, next week will be a whole different ball game…

My husband said to me today, “Face it you have 4 kids, who are home all the time…we LIVE in our house, it is not a showpiece…”  

He is right…

They are always here…all 4 of them…living in the house….which to them is playing, imagining, and being kids…and all of that involves messes.

Kids are messy, and short of chasing them around all day with a dustbuster, this is the way it is.

My husband is right.

I must not try to stress over keeping everything looking just so.  It is a home, not a showpiece.

I’m grateful for that reminder this evening.

I want my kids to remember having fun in their home.  I want them to remember being able to play and imagine and be kids.  Yet, I do want them to respect their home, so with that comes the responsibility of them cleaning up after themselves. So it is a balancing act…

I must enjoy my home this week, and next week try to stay on top of everything as best I can….

But always remembering, this is the life God has planned for me, and to embrace every second of it…

even with dustbuster in hand…

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