Goodbye 2010…thanks for the memories…

I have been reminiscing about the year today…looking forward to what is ahead and thinking about what has passed.

Here are some highlights and my favorite blog posts from the past 12 months.

January had me talking about my kids walking in truth.  Read about it here.

February brought about my oldest son Luke’s birthday, and my mind also just started turning to the idea of simplifying…read about it here.

Then March, the weather turned warmer, and we had our first “SUN DAY” (the homeschooler’s equivalent to a “snow day.”  Read here.

In April, Mommy learned a lesson and then we also took a trip to Philiadelphia!

In May, one of my sweetest memories of John was made…read here…childlike faith!

June saw many field trips and fun moments, but I also wrote about keeping it real and the not so fun moments here…

July was our best memory of the year…our vacation and trip to Jamestown, VA…I also wrote about what I learned on vacation here…

August brought about changes on the blog when I renamed it “Simply Living for Him.”  Here is where it started…

September our school year started, but it also started with a rough start as we experienced a family emergency the first day…

In October we took a fun trip to Washington’s Headquarters with friends…

November brought about my “baby” boy’s 2nd birthday…and loving seeing him grow into a beautiful little boy…

And finally this past month, we celebrated our Savior’s birth…I reflected on my feelings about that here…

This year has been full of wonderful memories, and tomorrow I will post about what I am looking forward to most in 2011.

Happy New Year!

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