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Two Great Weeks…

I am thrilled to say after two and half weeks of school we have not had one bad day.  Now I am not naive..I know soon enough one will come, but for now I am praising God for such a smooth start.  Everyday the kids have worked hard and with good attitudes.  I feel like we are getting a good amount done as well.

This morning at one point I looked around…Grace was practicing guitar, Luke was programming his NXT, and John was happily playing with Ethan and his Little People.  I took a snapshot in my mind of that moment, and truly realized THAT’S what it is all about.  Each child exploring something on their own, enjoying doing it, and me alongside to witness it.   Praise God!

Here is a fun photo of the kids playing outside yesterday…They were playing Revolutionary War…Grace was the Molly Pitcher, and the boys used their scooters as horses, and hockey sticks for muskets.  Got to love their imaginations!

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