Homeschool has begun!

This has been a great week as far as homeschooling goes.  It got off to a rough start on our first day, but since then it has been working great.

The kids are doing great.  I am especially pleased that John (age 5) is really enthusiastic each day for his kindergarten work and he is ahead of the game since we started some of it last year.  I expect him to be in first grade books by January.

I am loving all of our curriculum choices so far.  I am also loving our new schedule and workbox “system.”

Most of all I am grateful to see the kids having fun together, learning to work out tough situations together, as well trying to get along each day.  It has been a blessing to be on this journey.

Here is what our current curriculum and schedule looks like:

Each child has  plastic bin with hanging file folders inside.  Each day I fill the folders with different assignments to be completed that day.  Each day I spend time alone with each child separately.  John (5) and I work first, since he needs me the most.  We go through all of his folders together.  While we do this Grace (9) and Luke (7)  begin working on theirs.  The key is if they get to something that they need me for, they are to WAIT until it is their turn and not interrupt me.  While waiting , they can move on to the next folder or choose an “extra” from a folder of fun worksheets or activities I have put in their bins as well.  This has been working great.  Last year I struggled with the issue of them interrupting me.  Now they know that they each have a certain time with me, and it is working perfectly.  I work with Luke after John.  Then I work with Grace.  She does most work on her own, but we go over everything together during her time, plus work on things that are new.

After their folders are finished we have lunch.  Then I put the baby for his nap and we do our together work.  Monday/Wednesday/Friday this consists of History, Geography, and Science.  Thursdays we do Artist/Picture study, Composer Study, and Nature study.  This week we used the book “Come Look at Me” for art.  We are using the Early American Art book which ties in perfectly with our American History lessons.  I really enjoy the book.  For our composer study we are listening to the CD, “Mr. Bach Comes to Call” and reading from the book “Bach, Boy from Thuringia.”  

Nature study today was an outdoor sketch time.  They sat in the yard and observed any changes that were signs of autumn approaching.  They collected leaves, flowers, grasses and taped them to paper, and then sketched any things of interest.

For History we are using the TruthQuest guide.  We are studying American History (post Revolutionary War).  We will read books from the guide, which consists of many great living books, and keep in line with the Charlotte Mason method.

We are still using the Geography Songs CD and continue to reinforce the 50 states.  We have reviewed continents, oceans, etc.  Next I would like to have the kids memorize the state capitals.

I absolutely love our science curriculum.  It is Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology.  There are tons of great hands on activities.  We also have the notebook to accompany the book.

Next time I will list our curriculum for individual work.

My prayer is that we can keep it fun, keep it simple, and to keep on Simply Living for Him!

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