Curriculum, Part II

We have had a really good first week of homeschooling.  I am so grateful.  

Yesterday I posted our curriculum for our family work.  Today I will post for each individual child.  These are our main books, but there are always fun activities added in, computer games, etc.

After our Bible and prayer time, I work with each child individually.  I work with John for about 30-45 min. alone, while Grace and Luke work on their folders.  They do what work they can alone, and if they have any questions or need me for anything, they put it aside until it is their turn to work with me alone.  This is so far going really well.  Everyone knows not to interrupt Mommy because they will have me all to themselves at some point!

John’s work:

Horizons Math~K, we also do “extra” hands on math activities, read some “living” math books (MathStart are GREAT), and other fun math sheets

A Reason For Handwriting~ Level A (I am not sure yet how I feel about this, it is pretty easy for him.  I may just have him practice handwriting other ways)

Explode the Code Book 1 ~  John can read all “at” words and is starting to sound out other “short a” words.  I used this book for my older kids and they all learned to read using them

Rosetta Stone, Spanish Level I

We also use various other workbooks for extras:  A Little Einstein Music book.  This week he learned the basic types of musical instruments and made is own guitar with a box and rubber bands.  He also got to try out Grace’s real violin and loved that.  I have some other fun workbook activities we use to practice skills in reading and math

Luke’s Work (Second Grade)

MAth U See~ Beta Level

A Reason for Handwriting-Transition to Cursive: (this has been interesting.  Luke already  has very nice handwriting, and I expected him to transition well to cursive.  However he is such a perfectionist.  He was in tears the first day because he said his  letter “A’s” weren’t good. Meanwhile they were just about perfect! UGH)

The Magic Tree House: Knights and Castles: Reading aloud to me each day

Copywork for Little Boys by Sandi Queen

SpellWell Level A~ He loves this book and so do I

Language Lessons for Little Ones

Rosetta Stone, Spanish Level I

Various other activity sheets or hands on activities as I see fit- Lego challenges, crafts, worksheets, etc.

Grace’s Work (Fourth Grade)

Math U See~ Delta Level:  She is whizzing through this.  It focuses on division which I taught her on my own last year.  I think she will slow down when she gets to long division, which she hasn’t learned yet.

SpellWell Level CC

Thematic Copywork for Girls by Sandi Queen

Learning Language Through Literature: Orange Book

Rosetta Stone, Spanish Level I

Currently reading “Misty of Chippoteague” and narrating either orally or written

Various writing assignments, including her own page on this blog! 🙂

Overall, I am pleased with all of our choices.  I like our schedule set up as well.  I really looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us this year!

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