Going Back to the Basics-“Vintage Homeschool.”

REPOSTING THIS OLDIE BUT GOODIE- on my mind since this weekend…

Just like when I first became aware of my need for simplicity on our family trip to Jamestown,  (read my article I wrote about it here {Simplify Your Life}  I have recently had the same thoughts about homeschool.

You see, after that trip and visiting an 18th century farmhouse, I was overwhelmed with the idea that those people worked so hard for everything they needed, and had very little conveniences. Yet here today we have every modern convenience available and yet, we are busier than ever, and still running around.  We are so busy and overwhelmed.

I wondered what would those 18th century families think of us? We have dishwashers, washing machines, modern cooking, iphones, i pads, etc. yet we still are so busy?  Why is that?

Well, yesterday I had an amazing conversation with a new and beautiful friend. We were talking about this aspect in homeschooling. We were wondering if even with all of the hardships of the previous generation of homeschoolers, was it easier in a way to be a pioneer homeschooler 20 years ago?

There  were no facebooks, blogs, pinterest, and enormous curriculum  fairs.  Was it almost easier to have the simplicity of just homeschooling?

They were forced to rely on God.  
Are we?

Or are we relying on how everyone else is doing it? (or how we see it on blogs, facebook, pinterest?)

We can fill up our minds on too much information.  

But are we filling up on HIM?
Relying on HIM?

Believe me , I am grateful for the strides make in the homeschool movement, and am grateful for the  ability to have SO much support-especially online.

Yet we must be careful to not let it consume our homeschool.

My friend and I yesterday coined the phrase “Vintage Homeschool.”  Maybe we should take it back a bit and block out all the excess information, and just simply let God lead our homeschools.  

Forget about the abundance of information online, and simply rely on God to lead us.

Just like those 18th century farming families-who had no modern conveniences-what would they think of us today having so many luxuries and still so busy?

Those 18th century farming families also worked so hard.  It wasn’t easy.
Is that necessarily a bad thing though? Shouldn’t we work hard?  
Are we so busy trying to make things easier for ourselves, we forget that hard work is not necessarily a bad thing?  A good work ethic should be fostered, and maybe not always trying to make everything so easy for ourselves?

Because of those veteran homeschoolers, we are here today. The homeschooling movement exploded. And they did without all the fancy “stuff” we have…Some stuff to ponder…

What do the veteran homeschoolers think?

Comment below, I’d love to hear different perspectives.

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