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A week to remember…and evaluate…

There have been some circumstances in my family this week that have really made me evaluate even more my desire to live a life for God.  Like can change at a moments notice, and it is in those moments we see what is really important.  All of sudden the little stuff means nothing.  It is in those moments that we feel God’s presence the most.  Imagine, his presence is felt most when everything else fades away!  When we are faced with life and death and suddenly “stuff” means nothing.  HE is there more than ever.  

It just proves what a distraction our daily life is.  We are so distracted by the unimportant “stuff” that He gets put in the background.  How sad!  He should be in the front at all times!  I can’t help but think He uses times like these to draw us closer to Him.

I don’t want Him in the background.  I love the Lord with all my heart, know He is real and feel His presence everyday more and more.  In all I do, I want Him to be glorified~ NOT ME.  I don’t want my life to be about me.  I want it to be about others, and telling everyone what He has done for me.  I want everyone to know the freedom found in living for Christ, and not for ourselves.  It is there where true contentment is found, and the knowledge that no matter what happens in life, He is in control.

That being said, we did get a start to our school this week.  It was a rough start because we had a family emergency the first day, but with God we got through it.  

Here are some pics!

The kids opening their “back to school” bags…a first day tradition in our home

I love our homeschool so far this year…it isn’t too complicated, the kids are excited, and we are having fun learning together and trying to focus on Jesus.  I will post more soon about what we are doing in our studies.
May He be glorified in all that we do!

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