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We need each other. If there is anything this year taught us is that we are not meant to be alone. Yet, the enemy is having a field day in that friends, family, and loved ones, are more divided than ever before.

I remember back in the day- we would go on Facebook and see folks’ pictures of their kids, vacations, what they ate for lunch. Sometimes it seemed too much- every detail being shared.

I’d give anything to go on now and just see people’s lunch and kids.

It seems there are fewer of those small details and now we are mostly sharing articles and opinions. News headlines. Videos of the day. And everyone has chosen a side. And often it turns to arguments.

I believe the old saying to be true:

If you want to change the world, turn off the news and go love your neighbor.

If there is anything this year taught us is that it is easy to become divided. And that is a result of our human nature.

But this year also taught us that life is fragile. It is quite uncertain. And the greater issue is that so many people are lost and living without hope. We have that hope. And we can share it.

When we are divided it stops us from sharing the true Good news. It stops us from seeing others in the image of God. It stops us from remembering that God created us to live for others and to love others.

When we are isolated we get easily wrapped up in ourselves. I know I do. I spent a few days down and out recently, and it took everything in me to stop focusing so inward. And when we look at the year as a whole, and how we have been more isolated than ever because of a pandemic, it is easy to see how quickly we all become inward-focused. Our hearts become divided.

Let’s get back to our first love. To God. With an undivided heart toward Him. And then, and only then, can we turly live undivided with each other.

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