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Simply Living Humbly…

Wow.  When the Lord works, He works.  All I can say is that in the few hours this site has been updated, I have already gotten feedback that has humbled me.  I am so blessed.

The Lord has placed on my heart to just simply live for Him.  I have been really feeling it lately.  I so easily get caught up in what I “should” do.  I want so easily to be liked, to be accepted, to matter.  But in the end, if I am pleasing God and following Him, what others think isn’t the most important.  I matter to Him.  

For instance we traveled this past week with family.  I was having issues with Grace; she was tired and melting down.  I worry so much what everyone will think…I’m a bad mom, I’m doing a bad parenting job, etc.  When I came home and thought about it, I realized I just need to keep my eyes on Him.  HE will help me in those situations.  When my eyes are fixed on Him, He leads me.

Parenting can get so complicated at times.  But it doesn’t have to be.  If we show our kids Jesus’ truth and love, we are doing the best thing we can for them.  I can’t expect them to understand God’s love, if I don’t model it myself.

I so badly want to live for Him.  To be authentic.  To show others who Christ is.  After all, He saved me from such darkness.  How can I not live for Jesus!  And more importantly, share that with others.  I am working on just being me.  To not be ashamed of my faith;  to not be afraid to be bold.

How about you?  Are you putting God first and living for Him?

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