Simply...Living For Him

Coming Soon…

This website is about to change.  I have had a vision.  After my recent posts about simple living and so much feedback, I have felt led to pursue this topic.

I am going to be still blogging about homeschool on the site, but there will also be more to the site about simple living.

The site will be changed to “Simply Living…For Him” (you will still be able to access it at but if you type in this current address for Beautiful Feet Bring Good News, it will automatically redirect you)

It will include  pages for:




Simply…Living For Him

…and more!!!!

It will  be a site dedicated to what I want to do in life which is to SIMPLY LIVE…For HIM.  It will focus on how we can get the clutter out of our lives, and simply live…FOR HIM!!

Hope you enjoy it…stay tuned!

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