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Simply Living For Him…

I am so excited to have gotten such great feedback on my recent article at Heart of the Matter Online about Simplifying Your Life.  It seems like I hit a nerve with many people who feel the same way about simple living.  I have been thinking so much about this topic, and am planning on writing even more about it.

What I also have thought about is Simply Living for HIM.  For Christ.  There’s even clutter in our spiritual lives at times.  Believe me, when the CBD catalog comes in the mail, it makes me feel like I need to have EVERY book out there on living out our Christian faith.  Or when I read other blogs, websites, etc. it seems like everyone has so many ideas about how we live out our faith.  This too, like the clutter in our homes, can drown out the REAL reason we are alive.  That is simply for HIM.  We live to glorify HIM, not ourselves.  We live to share the Good News about Christ with others, and NOT to judge or condemn.  Simply to share.  Simply to love.  Simply to live out our life in a way that reflects HIS love for all.

I am going to start a series of posts on Simply Living for HIM.  Whether it is getting rid of the material clutter in our lives, or the spiritual clutter in our minds, I hope to address the issue of simplicity and what it means to Simply Live for HIM.

Stay tuned for the next post!  Coming soon…

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