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10 Days of Simple Homeschool: The One and Only Thing You Really Need to Do…


Welcome to 10 Days of Simple Homeschool. For the next two weeks, I will be posting about all things simple in homeschooling. 10 Days of Simple Homeschool is about going back to the basics.  Too often we tend to complicate our purpose by trying to do too much.  Homeschooling can be very effective when we go back to the basics and let our everyday life be our classroom and learn by doing.  
 Simplifying Homeschool is dear to my heart-getting rid of all of the distractions that keep us from our purpose and from putting God first in all! 
Some posts will be practical ideas, some will focus on our hearts, but all will be focused on keeping it simple.

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I have so enjoyed writing this series for the past two weeks. I loved all of the messages from my readers that said they were encouraged. YOU all encourage me!

One specific note I received said, “Thank you for pointing this family back to what is important,” after reading about starting your day with the Bible. I stared at the computer screen for a few minutes {through tears} really not able to comprehend that my words would be used to point others to Him. I always say that is my purpose, and to see it in action just made my heart sing. God is good!

I want to end this series with some very simple words of wisdom, but which will mean all the world in you homeschool.

Amongst all of the fancy resources out there, the world of information, and the endless choices- I feel there is only one thing we must do on our homeschool journey…

Seek first His righteousness. 

So often we talk about seeking His will, in each and every detail. Seeking His will for curriculum, seeking His will for co-ops, seeking His will for extra activities.

But dear one, the details do not matter so much, if we just Seek HIM first of all. If we are seeking Him, we have won. We will be in His will. We can’t go wrong.  He knows our needs. We do not have to fret nearly as much as we do over every decision. 

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, 
and all these things will be given to you as well.”
Matthew 6:33

Just seek Him.  He knows our needs.

My husband and I had this verse and the passage previous to it, read at our wedding 12 years ago.
Little did we know, what an impact it really would have on us. Every time we have truly sought His will and trusted, He has provided for our needs.

What tends to set us back is when we focus too much on what we want, 
or trying to decipher God’s plan for us.

 Sometimes we just need to step back from ourselves, 

and rest in Him.

Consider it joy when you have trials-He is growing you. You will have troubles-in homeschool, and in life. We were never promised heaven here on earth.  We have that to look forward to. There will be hard days, and trials, but that is for a purpose.

Seek Him in all- that is it. If we are in His will that is all that matters.

God called you to homeschool for a reason.
There is a purpose. There can be no wrong decision if you are seeking Him. He knows the trials you need to shape you, and He knows the joys he wants to bless you with.

Rid yourself of the worldly distractions. 
Turn off the technology often. 
Seek Him with your kids. 
Each and every day.

…and all of your needs will be provided for.

I hope you continue to come back here often, even after this series. I am thankful for you all!
Be Blessed as you Simply Live…for Him!

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