Real Life, Real Learning

I have been thinking alot today about how I love that fact that homeschooling provides real life learning.  Besides being expected to complete regular daily chores around the house, the kids get to participate in real life problems and participate in solutions firsthand.

For instance,  recently our bathtub was broken.   My husband got the necessary supplies from the store and went to fix it. He brought Luke along to help.  Luke was able to watch him fix it and learn from the situation.  Or when it snows…the kids are right here to help shovel and clean off cars.   Or just going about daily life, I can always involve the kids.  Showing them how to balance a bank book (which they each do their own “account”), cooking meals, errands, and handling daily problems as they arise are all so valuable in raising our children to be responsible adults.

So often we “dumb” kids down.  We don’t expect them to do much.  I feel the opposite.  Involve them in as many real life activities and you will see them flourish. Deep down they WANT to be involved!

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