Real Christmas

Will you join me this year for a REAL Christmas? Not the one we see on TV, the blogs, Pinterest, or the magazines. Not the one that tries to make an image to the world, but the one that creates a desire in our hearts.

The One where we celebrate His gift to us. The one where we celebrate His ultimate love for us.

Gather your children around, tell them about Jesus. Tell them of His love.

Then show it. Show it by being loving. Show it by giving to others. Show your kids His love in action. Practice random acts of kindness…show others His love.

A Real Christmas is….spreading His love, so others can know joy and peace.

A Real Christmas is…not a picture perfect image.

It is…

…broken cookies that were made with laughter

…not so perfect wrapped gifts, but sealed together with love from little hands

…a tree that may be crooked, but filled with homemade ornaments, from years passed…each one telling a memory of a little one who made it

…a family that has troubles, but allows Him to mend them

…lights that may go out on the string, yet the Light in our heart can never be extinguished

Mostly it is

…A house filled with Him, not things

A real Christmas is all about Jesus 
and not about this world.

Children will remember how they felt growing up- not always the details of the season- Pinterest worthy cookies, or fancy gift warp- NO. Give them the gift of a mom who pointed them to Jesus, the greatest gift they will ever get. Give them the gift of feeling loved- show them a glimpse of their Father’s love. These are the things that they will look back on- not the perfect decor, recipe, or activity.
Will you celebrate this year?

Join me on Instagram- I will be sharing bits of our #simpleChristmas and #realChristmas. Share yours?

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