Just Some Things…And Why Love’s Farm?

Today, I am just rambling a bit as I think about life and where we have been as of lately. It’s been an interesting few months. School is back in full swing, fall is in full splendor, and life is good. This time last year we were scrambling to pack up and move, and here we are…all settled in. Almost one year later. Life is funny like that. Only when we are a bit distant from an event can we see it clearly for what it was.

And suddenly it seems so far away, so quickly.
Yes, time passes very quickly these days.

I turned 40 this summer and am well aware of time–just how quickly life is going and it is ever increasing in speed. I look at life in decades now…and they don’t seem nearly as long as they did when I was younger. Life is funny like that….

Ah, yes, life is an interesting journey.

We’ve been busy with school and family things, and of course, the chickens! 
We are loving life on our little slice of paradise. We named our place, Love’s Farm. Yes, it may seem hokey or corny, but we can’t help ourselves. 😉 Since as long as I can remember, my husband and I have called each other, “Love.” I rarely ever call my husband by his first name (unless others are present because it feels funny to call him “Love” out in public.) He rarely calls me, “Karen.” It’s always, “Love.”

Yes, around here we are both known as, “Love.” 

Such a little word that may seem corny, but truly such a big word. 

I mean, God is Love. It is a powerful word.

If one word I leave behind in life and any kind of legacy I would pass down, may it be love. May it be that I loved well. That I showed others God’s love. That I had His Love living in me. That I taught my children who HE is.

At the root of all things good, is Love. God truly is LOVE.

I remember the first time I understood what that meant…that God is love. I was with some beautiful friends and they showed me God’s love in such a way that I was changed forever. I remember thinking,

“This is what it means when people say, “God is love.”

I saw God’s love in action and I was transformed.

Anyway, back to Loves Farm. It seems fitting to name our place after the name we call each other daily. It is what I want people to remember long after we are gone, but this place is still here.

I want them to know that God’s Love lived here.

This weekend I was on a ladies retreat and am still soaking in all that I learned from the speaker. She was truly inspiring. Her love for God was literally dripping out of every pore of her soul. You could just see it.

She talked about the necessity of reading your Bible, which has been a passion of mine these past few years. Well, she ignited that passion even further, and I understood why I could literally see her love for God oozing out of her—because she knows Him. Through His Word. Her passion for reading God’s Word is really her passion God.

May it be so for me…that people will say,

“That Karen DeBeus loved the Lord. And in turn she loved well. She knew God, and so she loved…”

Everything else will fade away, but Love can be passed down and can remain…

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