What Are You Hungering For?

The other night I was well aware of this yummy peanut butter cup ice cream that was in my freezer. I couldn’t wait to have some. I thought about it after dinner, and all the way until I finally pulled it out of the freezer a few hours later…YES. It was finally in my bowl and ready for me to enjoy. And I did. It was oh, so good…after all that waiting and desiring…I indulged.

As I ate that ice cream, I thought to myself, “What if I hungered for His Word as much as I did for this ice cream.”


There I was with a mouthful of peanut butter cup indulgence, convicted. I literally craved the ice cream for the whole day. Desired it. Indulged. And I was convicted. Had I desired Him so much that day?

Do we go after His Word with that kind of craving?

God’s Word is so transforming. I desire it more each and every day. Yet it doesn’t transform us by sitting there on a shelf and looking at it as we walk by. It doesn’t permeate our soul unless we open it.

Then the desire comes. We hunger for His Word.

I have been so transformed personally by HIs Word. Admittedly, there are days when I am convicted because I desire worldly things (such as ice cream 😉 ) more than His Word. May it not always be so. May I always seek Him above all. May I always know the power of His Word. May I hunger and thirst so much for Him that it is on my mind unceasingly – that I know my only satisfaction comes truly from Him alone.

Earthly desires and pleasures are fleeting, but the soul that is filled with His Word, is transformed and satisfied. 

What are you hungering for these days? What importance are you putting on His Word? Is it something you do when you feel like it, or are you craving it?

We must be craving His Word and His righteousness! Let us all be so hungry we can never get enough of Him, yet we will have an eternity to satisfy our every desire.

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