{Simple} Summer Nights Unplugged

We spent last night eating ice cream in the park. The kids tried to catch fish in their empty cups with itty bits of ice cream cone for bait, while we listened to the sound of frogs in the brush and watched a snapping turtle sail by. The sun began to set and the lighting was just perfect over the pond. It was a good night.

These are the moments we will remember. I doubt my kids’ memories will involve their best ipod game or Xbox battle. No they will remember the real moments. The simple ones.

We laughed as the fish would head right to the bait they tried to lure them in with…and how quickly they would scamper away as soon as the kids tried to catch ’em. The challenge of catching one for the boys was addicting!

They could have played that for hours. My 9 year old truly lights up when he is in nature. He loves fishing more than anything theses days. It is real life. It is accomplishment.

We often have to fight to put away electronics. The boys especially gravitate toward them. But these simple moments outdoors, remind us of real. 

Are you unplugging this summer? Are you keeping it simple? In a world that gets faster everyday, more wired, more complex…let’s go back to our roots. Outdoor fun that provides more creativity and fun than any electronic.

Choose to unplug. Choose real. 

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If YOU want to unplug this summer…join us!

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