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It’s been a while since I have written here. I have been so busy with my Simply Living for Him Online Women’s Community and other ministry things…and of course, life in general! I am excited about the things I have in the works for the ministry, and I will tell you about them at the end of this post!

So what’s new with me? I will be honest, many days I get down on myself. I look around at the world and get very down on the world too. But I realize so much of it are distractions. Designed by the enemy to take our eyes off of Jesus. You can hear all about that in my latest podcast episode here.

Distracted// Ep 195

Homeschooling has been going so well this year. I am LOVING the time with my teen boys- yes, you read that right. I would venture to say these are the very BEST years of homeschooling. We are doing our mornings together- we start with US Government and Literature. We sit at the kitchen table and discuss so much. We also laugh a ton. Seriously, teenage boys are hilarious!

For years, I dreaded the teen years because society told me to. But I have discovered they are beautiful years- those little ones you were training (and praying like crazy for!) evolve into these young adults that are able to have deep conversations and at the same time hilarious moments. I adore them. I adore the people they are becoming. Is it all sweetness and roses every day? NO. I am not trying to say that, but overall I have found these to be the best years of all.

In my new book, The Simple Homeschool Journey, I outline our entire journey from Kindergarten to college with my firstborn. I talk very candidly about the struggles we faced. And I truly believe because we focused on building a family, and not just an academic transcript, we are seeing the fruit these days. And when things are hard, we go to the Lord, and He grows us through it. Want to check out the book? You can find it here.

Often I stop myself from writing, or creating videos and more content because I say, “Karen, no one really needs to hear what you have to say.” And then I remind myself, my mission is always to point to what Jesus has to say. I think the enemy likes to throw those arrows, but as long as I remain steadfast in pointing to God, my voice will not be silenced.

This earthly life is not easy, but I daily remind myself, it isn’t supposed to be. I can’t look back on what was, or look ahead to what if, but only know right now, what IS. And God is on the throne! As my boys and I have looked at Bible times and Medieval ages, all the way to the 20th century in school, I am always reminded…nothing is new under the sun. Every generation from thousands of years ago until now probably thought Jesus was returning in their lifetime. Generations have always suffered. What matters most is sticking to the agenda of building the Kingdom! I will continue to share the message and hope of Christ each day.

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