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Ahhh… I am finally taking a deep breath to exhale. That is how I feel this morning after a whirlwind few months…this morning as I write, the breeze is blowing in the window, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and right across the road I can see horses and sheep grazing. I am content.

This past weekend was my last homeschool convention of the season and boy did it end on a high note. I absolutely loved every minute of my time at NCHE Thrive! Conference. It was held at the Benton Center in Winston-Salem, NC and I can’t say enough about how well run this conference was. The organization does an amazing job. The convention center itself was gorgeous, and the people I met were delightful.

I was a featured speaker and gave five presentations. And for the very first time, Simply Living for Him had a booth in the exhibit hall. We had no idea what to expect as exhibitors since we had ever done it before. My main purpose of the booth wasn’t really to “sell” but to connect with other families. We did sell my books, but I also had the privilege to laugh, hug, cry, chat, and pray with other families. What a blessing! I loved every second of it.

The room I spoke in all weekend. <3

And my family was so supportive. My sons “worked” the booth and really stepped up to the occasion. It was such a blessing to see my oldest truly come to life. He has always been the timider of the four, and this weekend he took charge of everything, handled the booth when I was speaking or unavailable, and worked so hard. It’s a wonderful thing to see God working in the hearts and lives if your children.

I am just filled with joy today. Even though I was weary when we pulled into our driveway at 1:30 am Sunday morning, my heart was bursting. And it still is. What an amazing God I serve!

So this week, we are winding down our school year and basically just finishing some loose ends, I am grateful to exhale. Take a deep breath. I look back at this past convention season and stand in awe. Each trip was fraught with so many trials beforehand. So many distractions. So many unknowns. And to see that God is so much bigger than all of it. When He calls you, He equips you.

My faith is ever-stronger. I see that when I get past those distractions (attacks), He abundantly provides beyond measure. I am just so grateful to do what I love to do with the people that I love. It is a gift.

So…moving forward. The next few days I will continue to breathe slowly. To let the past few months absorb into my soul and to just rest.

Then I gear up for the culmination of a year’s worth of workour Simply Living for Him Retreat which takes place July 12-14. I am beyond excited for this year’s event and there is still time to register. It is our last summer retreat for now…the Lord knows the future! But there will not be one in 2019. So NOW is the time to join us!

I also will be speaking in August at the Family Bible Conference in Washington, DC! More info here—>Family Bible Conference.

I am seeking the Lord’s direction for my ministry, for this website, and more. I will have some changes coming over the next few months and am excited to see where He takes me.

Someone asked me this weekend, “What motivates you? And drives you? And fuels you to do what you do?”

My answer: “Jesus.”

Plain and simple. It’s Jesus.

For now, I exhale. Breathe deep of the Savior’s love and rest…it is good for the soul.



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