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Simple Christmas-Salt Dough Crafts

We love salt dough crafts.

It is such a simple, easy craft, yet everyone loves it-from the little ones up to the oldest ones!

We make salt dough ornaments every year.  Sometimes we give them as gifts.  Other times we just make them for fun.  

Here is the recipe:
1 cup salt
1 cup flour
water added until the dough forms a nice smooth ball and isn’t too sticky to handle. 

Just mix together, and then use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes.

Bake in a very low oven,{ about 250* }until they are all dried out and hardened.

This year we added cinnamon to the dough to give them a lovely Christmas scent! (add a heaping amount to the dough when you mix)

If you want them to be ornaments, use a pencil or stick to put a hole at the top, before baking. Otherwise, you can just leave them as is.

After your ornament is dry, it can be painted and a string or ribbon can be strung through for hanging-either on the tree, a doorknob, or on the wall.

We didn’t paint ours this year. The cinnamon gave them a speckled, brown, rustic, country look.  We liked them in their simple state and left them that way.

Christmas crafts are so much fun, and often the simpler the better.  Too many steps or directions stress me out- and after all isn’t that the last thing you want at this beautiful time of year?

So give salt dough a try-it is something fun for all ages.

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