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Our First Simply Living for Him Women’s Workshop!

This weekend I had the tremendous blessing of getting women together for or first Simply Living for Him Women’s Workshop. This was an afternoon designed to get away from the hustle and bustle of life for a bit with other women and seek more Jesus.

We talked about simplifying and reducing clutter, but mostly we talked about the whys- why do we have so much clutter and are still discontent, how does stuff make us feel, and why we can’t turn off our minds at the end of the day?

In the end, it’s never enough time to really delve into these topics but I hope to continue to offer more in the future.

There are so many practical ways to simplify and I am not about giving you one more “system” that is supposed to be the be-all-end-all to end your clutter. Ultimately your clutter or issues are between you and God, and it is my desire to point you to Him so that He can ultimately help you to focus your mindset before you can even begin to tackle the externals.

Clutter is just stuff. It will never go away though if we don’t get to the root issues. And I truly believe in the end that the remedy to clutter and chaos is Jesus. The more we desire Him, the less we desire of this world.

If you would be interested in a workshop in your area please contact me at I am hoping to do more of these in the future. I already have my eye on the Spring season and returning to Chester to hold a Spring Cleaning Hearts and Homes Workshop.

Stay tuned for more info! And please contact me if you would be interested in a workshop!

We broadcasted LIVE on Facebook- in case you missed it!

Learn more about having less stuff and MORE JESUS this summer!

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