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Stop Window Shopping for a Better Life. End Mental Clutter and Live the Life in Front of You

The internet has brought about such an abundance of information these days. And while it can be a huge blessing to have access to so much right at our fingertips, it can also lead to serious discontent, not to mention wasted time. We spend hours upon hours scrolling. Whether we are looking for homeschool curriculum, things for our home, reading articles, comparing products, or just reading about other people’s lives, we may need to evaluate where we spend our time.

Are we spending our time window shopping for our life, or are we living it?

The allure of the internet is that we can see it all right in front of us–we find things that we want or even things we didn’t want soon become our desire. Our mind is inundated with images all showing us how we can have it better.

We read articles about how other people are doing things and we begin to covet for our own life. We start to compare. It is a slippery slope.

We are essentially filling up our mind with how we want our life to be, yet the irony is, we aren’t living our life. We are scrolling endlessly, while life passes by in the background.

Our families need us present. There is more contentment and fulfillment in our own real life, rather than reading about other people’s lives, or the next best thing that promises to make our life better.

Choose to spend your time in His Word. There and only there are the true answers to contentment, a better life, and fulfillment. Let our kids see us in the Word searching for answers more than on the Internet scrolling away.

Life is too short to be wasted window shopping. Live real life and live it right now.

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