Summer Snapshots

We have been trying to get a LIVE broadcast on Facebook from Love’s Farm this week, but alas, Facebook can be weird sometimes, and the sound just will not work. 🙁 Bummer.

I want to show you how HUGE the garden is growing, our new additions (guineas), and all the other fun things.  Until we get it working, I am sharing some simple snapshots of our summer.

I love the simple life. We are living the dream. And I pray we can share our abundance this summer if our harvest is plentiful.

I love that my kids are outdoors. I love that we work together on projects. This is life. And we are living it.

I also am planning on podcasting about letting kids be kids in the summer time and keeping it simple. I say, bring back the old school childhood and summertime!

More on that this week…

Until then, happy weekend!

Keep in simple and enjoy the simple.

My favorite time of the day. Evening time and free range time!
Nothing says summer like a boy and his super-soaker!
His happy place
Evening picks.
God’s beauty- the blessing of food to be grown.
Our new additions! They are TINY. And adorable. Six Guineas.
Date night on the farm

How are you keeping it simple this summer?


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