Simple Living: Our New Improved Chicken Coop and Homemade Potato Bin

For those of you who saw my photo on Instagram yesterday about my problem-solving hubby, today I am sharing a video of how it works.

This was my Instagram post:

Reason 1,346,272 why I love my husband. We found out one of our chickens was eating/pecking eggs. If you read up on that, many recommend culling them (aka…to the crockpot!). Well, he quickly went to work doing what he does best: problem solving. He inserted an angled bottom to the nesting boxes so the eggs roll out into a compartment where only we can get them. This morning we found out it works. This perfect, extremely clean, and beautiful egg was waiting for us. Now there’s no chance of eating eggs or ever getting dirty. And for the record, my husband wanted to make this when he built the coop, but I said it wasn’t necessary. I WAS WRONG. #ilovemyhusband #LovesFarm #FarmerSteve

So, today I a taking you on another small tour of our little slice of the (hobby) farm life here in beautiful western NJ.
Check out our video of a new potato bin for this Spring and the new improved chicken coop!

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