Life is Complicated. Thankfully, Jesus is Not

Sometimes I just can’t write. I sit in front of my computer, and just stare. Nothing. Even though my head is swirling with thoughts, they are all mixed up and nothing comes out…

I had deadlines looming and blogs to run…yet I would just sit and stare.

Knowing that God would give me the words when He was ready, I stopped trying.

And now I sit, and all I can write about is how it is hard to write…

Hard, after a few weeks of so many emotions and circumstances, that they are all jumbled together. They’re not ready to be sorted out yet. But in God’s time they will.

Life is complicated. But thankfully, Jesus is not. He is so simple. He is right there ready to redeem it all.

And all I can think about to write is the truth that is so needed by so many.

We are all running this crazy race called life, with our eyes on so many things, and our feet running in all different directions. There are emotions and jobs and families and sickness, and stuff…so.much.stuff.

Yet, the most important truth we need to know in life to handle all of those things, is right here. The answers we need are so close. Yet, we strive, and we work, and we try to fix things…

It is so much simpler, if we just stop. Hear the truth, and be free. So free. Oh, so, free.

Life is hard and busy and full of complicated situations. Yet He gives us such a simple message.

The beauty of the gospel is this: We don’t have to do one.single.thing. to earn salvation. In fact, we can not. It is impossible. Jesus saves. We do not. Jesus redeems. Jesus changes everything. Jesus is enough.

We don’t have to strive, we don’t have to earn it or work for it or buy it or anything else…no earthly thing can ever rule over Him. He is enough. Jesus paid the price for us all, so our sins can be covered and we can live in heaven. That is the simple truth. We accept it and repent of our sins, and we are free. We are free from any rules and legalism and any other falsehood that tells us we must DO something in order to earn salvation.

The simple truth is- Jesus earned it for us. We reap the reward for what HE did. Does that blow your mind? It should. And if it does, then, and only then do we work, not out of guilt or hoping to achieve something or be rewarded…but out of love. Pure love. Love that then should spill out of our pores into every crevice of our life…and flow into others lives, until we are just spreading His love wherever we go. Love that grows and grows because we just can’t get over the fact that HE died for us. And we will live. We don’t deserve it, yet here we are. Face to face with the truth. The beautiful truth.

So take your eyes off the world for a bit…because truth is….this world is fading and it’s fading fast. The only thing eternal is HIM. Take your eyes off the stuff, the busyness, the clutter, the complications, the work, the details of life…whatever it is that is keeping you from staring truth in the face. Come face to face with truth…hear it. Believe it. Be free.

So simple. So, so simple. Amidst the complications of life, I cling to the most simple but important truth there is.

Jesus is enough.

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