Simplify Christmas

I’ll be writing more on this as we get into the Christmas season…but for now, here are my thoughts on Christmas…
Holidays can get so cluttered with activity. The get togethers, cookie parties, gift exchanges, and all the extra visiting…the shopping, the baking, the decorating. The flurry of activity tends to add more stress rather than focus on the Savior’s birth. 
I am not saying those things aren’t fun and they don’t bring us joy- they DO bring families and friends together, but we need to be careful. 
We are entering a time of anticipation of the Lord’s birth, and yet we get distracted by things of this world. May this season’s only preoccupation be with the Lord. Be fixed on Him, and not on the worldly details. Satan wants us distracted. God wants us focused on HIM. Which will you choose this season?

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