Simply...Homeschool, Using The Bible as Our Main Text

Studying Abraham and Using the Bible as Our Main Text

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This week have finally gotten back into some normalcy after Hurricane Sandy. We have studied Abraham this week.
Since the book we were using, Genesis: Finding Our Roots finished up in Genesis 11, I now had to find some more resources to help me out.
I still chose spelling words from our passages, and we had some writing assignments based on what we read in our Bible.  
The resources that I used this week in addition to our Bible were:
This printable family tree of Abraham’s descendants
Abraham printables
It feels good to return to routine. We will be studying Thanksgiving next week, and then we will go back to our Bible as our main text-studying Christmas!!

Join me in the next few weeks, as I reflect on going back to “old-school” Christmas.  The memories I have as a child of Christmas have nothing to do with the Christmas of today’s society. They are all about family, laughter, and simple traditions. I have vowed to keep things very simple this year, and focus on our family. No Pinterest, no trying to keep up with all the Christmas ideas/activities. We will be in our Bible mostly as we prepare our hearts for the best gift…salvation through the birth of our Savior!

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