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Lessons in Hurricane Sandy

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I am not sure where to start on this one. We have recovered after a crazy two weeks following Hurricane Sandy.  We were certainly very fortunate as so many lost so much from this storm. Homes. Businesses. Loved ones. Sheer destruction.

We just lost power. Initially, it seemed we would get power back within a few days. So imagine the difficulty when it ended up being 12 days. Yet God is faithful. He brings us to the  point of thinking we can go no further, just to get us through it so we can see His power.

While we had no power in our homes, His power remained. He remained. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Our lives change moment to moment. Our physical surroundings change moment to moment. Our circumstances change moment to moment.

He does not change.


Imagine we could lose His power. Imagine for days being separated from Him. 
Can’t even fathom.

I learned so much during these 2 weeks. I don’t know that I could gather my thoughts clearly enough yet to share them all with you, but I’ll start with a few.

I learned that suffering is something that goes on all over the world every moment. Suffering beyond our comprehension. How do we reconcile that with out blessings and our comfort. Because even though we were experiencing hardship here it was still not near the suffering in other places.

The days after the storm were surreal. When I had interent access I would try and gather as much information as I could. I would go on facebook and my newsfeed was filled with two different worlds. 

My newsfeed showed pictures of people across the country living their normal life. Pictures of cookie baking, art projects, crafts, organization, etc. was mingled in with pictures from those in my state-homes floating away, homes and property destroyed, lives lost.  

Two worlds going on simulatenously, yet so distinctly different

Yet I realize this is how life goes every day. There is suffering taking place at this moment in many places. Yet we go about our life and many times focusing on such menial things. Humbling. 

It gave me more of an  awareness of what is truly important. What is truly necessary, and even more of a desire than ever to focus on living for God alone.

One of the things that was so hard during the time our power was out was knowing that my husband had just lost his job before this happened. So knowing that yes, we still had a house…would anyone really be hiring with all this destruction going on? Yet, God gave me peace. At times the fear became very overwhelming, but I would close my eyes and focus in His promises and His provision.

We need very little. We need only Him and His power.

I will be sharing more this week about our experience during the Hurricane and what I have learned. Next time I will write about where we stayed several days during our power outage.

I will also be sharing my thoughts on simplifying Christmas this year.  This was my recent facebook post on this issue…

Thinking about how I will SIMPLIFY the holidays this year-not looking too much at Pinterest, not trying to do all kinds of cutesy things, 31 days of this or that…going back to the basics. (old school Christmas 😉 Enjoy my family, mediate on the reason for the season, practice acts of kindness…less stuff, more joy ♥

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Blessings and Joy to you,


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