Forever Changed…Hurricane Sandy

I don’t know when I will be able to post again as I have limited interent right now. Our area has been hit by the Hurricane, and my state has seen major destruction. It is all very surreal. Please pray for all affected by this massive storm.  Thankfully my family is safe, and we only are dealing with power outages and gas shortages. We also have the daunting premise of a husband who lost his job right before this happened, but my faith WILL be bigger than my fear.

Last week laundry was a chore-this week would be a blessing to be able. Last week cooking was tedious-this week it would be heaven. Last week homeschooling had its rough days-this week, would be a welcome normalcy. Last week the small things seemed big and the big things seemed small. Right now having a home is a blessing, though dark and cold. We are here.

Please pray and be thankful for the simple things today. My perspective has changed so much these past few days. There is always suffering going on in the world, but we never see it and we are consumed with ourselves. When it is at your doorstep, everything changes.

Lives forever changed.
A shoreline forever changed.
A city forever changed.
I am forever changed.
source: Chris Geiger
Photo: Wang Chengyun/ZUMA Press/Newscom)

Source: Cnn.com

Yet there is hope.
Always hope.
God promises that and He shows us that in the midst of the trial…
We need to open our eyes and see it and believe it.
He shows us Himself all the time…
Don’t miss the hope…

source: friends Midway Beach


{I believe that is the new Freedom Tower being surrounded by those double rainbows. God is truly amazing.}

Please pray for those in the area. Be thankful if you are home, in warmth, doing your everyday tasks. If you feel led you can visit any of these places for ways to help:

Red Cross
World Vision
Samaritan’s Purse

Please share this post with others so that they can pray!

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