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I’m Selfish and Prideful

As I spent time in prayer this morning, the first morning of a “normal” week of the new year, so many things came to the surface.

I spend a lot of time riding the roller coaster of life. Circumstances change quickly as do my emotions. And it is part of being human. Emotions are not bad in and of themselves (God created them in us) but I think knowing what to do with them is important.

Lately, I have felt big emotions. Blame it partly on being a middle-aged woman (hormones), partly on life these days for me, and life these days for the whole world, but they are big. And often they control everything. They dictate the day. Moment by moment.

But what if we looked at things differently? What if we stepped outside of ourselves and our inward focus and truly were God-focused?

When circumstances change, we focused on God. When life hits hard, we focused on God. When things are uncertain we focused on God.

You see, I think we say we are focused on God, but it is usually still with the motive of hoping we get what we want. There’s a difference between truly wanting what God wants and nothing else, and hoping what God wants is what we want. 

My go-to is to focus on me.

What does this mean for me?

How does this affect me?

Me, me, me.

I’m done with me. I want to live  for him

If I could for one minute stop focusing on me, the immense power of Him wins. He is in control of my life (not my emotions), but for His purposes, not mine. Because that’s where the waters get muddy. We want him to be in control with the hopes that it goes according to our plan. But His plan is always better. His purposes always prevail.

I’m walking into 2022 open-handed. Giving up my hopes, dreams, and plans for the far greater purpose and plan of the great Creator God.

Look at Paul! His life’s goal was for the cause of Christ. Jailed, persecuted, shipwrecked- the list goes on and on. Yet, we read his books of the Bible and they are filled with JOY! He got it. His life existed for the cause of Christ.

He was jailed- He worshiped! Let it be so for me. In all things, worship and praise because I am free in Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ in me.

God has been teaching me this for years but it seems I always get distracted by myself. So today I am writing it out. To hold myself accountable. 

Are you with me? Are you ready to fully let go of your life because you trust in the One who made it?

Let’s do it. Let’s get over ourselves and live for Him!

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