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The Real Answer We Need Right Now

During a time when everything is spinning out of control, many of us turn to statistics, charts, data, conspiracy theories, and the headlines. They all make us feel like we have some tangible sources of control. If we can just get a grasp on these real-life things, then maybe we can get a grasp on our circumstances.

But the truth is, God is in control of all things. Especially the ones that seem most out of control. We can rest in that.

When you feel the need to grab onto something to make you feel secure, grab onto  Him. When you want to search out information, search out His truths. Because all of the things here we think are controlling this situation are not. God is.

So run to Him today. Seek the real Truth. The real Hope. In a time when we are all looking for a cure, the only true cure we have is Christ.

Jesus is the Hope the world needs. Why put your trust in chariots and horses when we serve a Living and real God who is with us?

Trust Him. This will work out just the way He has decreed. When He returns I would much rather be found seeking Him than looking for false trust in this world. If He returned today, where are you putting your trust?


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