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I Scarce Can Take in In…

I Scarce can take it in…what a line from the most beautiful hymn…How Great Thou Art…

Today I really feel that way…I scarce can take it in.  

Too often we make God something He is not.  He is not small and not a feeling…while yes, He is love, He is Good, He is merciful…all those things don’t even begin to describe how big He is, how majestic, and how HOLY.

God is Holy.  He is not like us.  He is sovereign over everything that ever was, ever is, and ever is to come…

God is Holy.  He is without any blemish, any fault, any stain.
He is not like us.

He cannot exist with sin in His presence.   It is against His nature, and it is an impossibility. He is only good and therefore our sinful selves cannot be in His presence for eternity in the human state of sin we are in.  It’s not that He wants to punish us, but a just and perfect God cannot allow sin in His presence.

We all sin.  Sure we are good people, but we all sin, no matter how hard we try not to.  It isn’t about how many good deeds we do, or how many times we go to church, or how we try to be cannot earn your way into heaven!

But Jesus...oh, here is where I scarce can take it in…


God sent Jesus to the world to redeem it so that we CAN spend eternity with Him some day.  He suffered the punishment so that if we believe, and we follow Him, and trust Him, we are made clean, and we can spend eternity in Gods presence.

I scarce can take it in…

I was meant to spend eternity separated from God, suffering...but….

God came and called me to His light.

I scarce can take in it…

ME.  He chose me.

Merry Christmas, and may you know that truth of that love from God.  That His Son suffered for YOU, so that YOU can spend eternity in heaven with Him…there is no other way….and if you believe YOU can have that gift.

While we celebrate, amongst all the fun gifts we receive, let us remember that one and only gift that truly matters for an eternity…

I scarce can take it…

“And when I think, that God, His Son not sparing;
Sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in;
That on the Cross, my burden gladly bearing,
He bled and died to take away my sin.”

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