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Every day I see more and more the reasons I want to simplify my life. One of those reasons being, the fleetingness of life and how quickly time passes… and the fact that we are given a certain amount of breaths here on earth, and I want to use mine well.

I don’t want to look back at the end of my days and remember all the times I stressed over details that didn’t matter. I want to smile and say, “I used my time to honor God.”

The truth is we never know how much time we have left, so our lives should be purposeful every day. It is hard to stay focused these days when there is just so much noise, but I believe when we focus on God above all, our priorities fall into place.

For my home, I would much prefer to be focused on making it a place of enjoyment, a place for people to connect, and a place where relationships are formed and fostered.

Rather than look at the four walls and say, “They need a new paint color” I want to say, “These rooms need to be filled with people!”

Or rather than look at my furniture and say, “This needs updating.” I want to say, “I need to invite people to sit on these chairs!”

When I look at my home I want to focus on the purpose of the things, and not just how things look. 


So, today I want to encourage you to look at your home with fresh eyes. Not as a project. But as a purpose.

How are you using the home you have been blessed with for a purpose? Are you caught up in waiting until it is perfect to invite guests over? I say, invite them now, and focus on THEM and not your home. Because really the gift of having a home is being able to invite others in and love on them.

I am looking ahead to the next few months when we will share our food grown here at Love’s Farm with others. For the past few years, we have set up a stand in front with all of our abundance of veggies and eggs that are free for the taking. We have left out little notes explaining why our food is free and sharing the Gospel. We also have been able to meet people, exchange a smile, and plant the gift of God’s love.

Our farmstand fell apart at the end of the season last year so we need to get a new one. I was even looking a something like this style of a stand – functional for the purpose of sharing food in front of our home. What do you think? Not fancy, but serves the purpose! Hey, our first year here we just set up a folding table! Whatever works…right?

I can’t wait to be able to share our food, make new connections, and use the blessings God has given us, not to hoard for ourselves, but to love on others.

So, how are you shifting your focus today? Are you focus on people over things? Let’s simplify our lives by letting go of how things look but focusing on how we can make others feel.



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