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Normalizing “Normal Homes”

Let’s face it. In today’s culture, the perfect home is glorified. The aesthetics are everything. The decor needs to stay on trend. And for many of us, we look around our homes and feel defeated. Yet, we are a society of abundance. We have more than we need. We should be thankful for the roofs over our heads and the places we call home.

Today I have a special guest, Jenny Nanninga, joining me as we talk about normalizing “normal” homes. Jenny lives in a smaller home with five children and gives a beautiful perspective on being content with what you have (even when discontentment creeps in) and gives practical advice for those of us to remember the purpose of our homes– our dwelling place. Make sure to listen to the end to hear her beautiful statement on this.

About Jenny:

Jenny is a wife and mother of five daughters living on the Central Coast of California. She and her family strive to love out God’s calling on their lives to homeschool, serve the church, and love the world through hospitality while living small, in just 800 square feet! They love adventuring outdoors, exploring God’s creation, pretending they have a small farm in suburbia with their chickens, cats, and dogs, and reading ALL the books. Jenny writes for different publications with a focus on homeschool, motherhood, and biblical womanhood. It is her desire to point others to Christ and to help them grow in their understanding of scriptures and to live fully in all that God has called them to.

Go follow Jenny on Instagram at @bloom.wild.schoolhouse

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