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I Never Would Have Imagined…

Seventeen years ago I experienced the most terrifying day of my life.


I was a new mom with a new baby living outside of NYC. I saw the towers burning and the fighter jets flying overhead. I truly thought the world was ending.

Read the whole story here.

I remember thinking how my life had finally turned around. I had married the love of my life, a man that was truly sent from God for me when I had been in my darkest pit. And just five months earlier, I had just fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming a mother. Something I had feared would never happen.

As I sat glued to the TV for days, which turned into weeks, my anxiety was at its highest. I would look at my baby and think how much I didn’t want life to be over. I truly was fearful that she would never grow up and our lives were going to end. I was convinced that the world was going to end soon.

Terrifying times.

I also remember thinking how the world would never be the same. And I would never step foot on a plane again.

So as I stared out the window today, on the plane, I could hardly catch my breath.

Seventeen years later… TODAY at the very moment, we were in the air on a plane, coming home from a spectacular family vacation! I would never imagine that I would be in a plane, in the air, at the very moment that disaster occurred seventeen years ago.

Such a testimony to God.

I glanced at my phone and saw the time. It was the exact time the towers were hit. I stared out the window and prayed…for those families…for all those affected. I also marveled at God.

I snapped this photo:

There is something about being a plane to realize how small you are on this earth and how grand and big God is.

I talked about my struggles with anxiety last week on the podcast, and today is a testimony to what the Lord has done. Not only did I think I would never see another year back then, here we are, living dreams I could have never imagined. Each year has had many hardships but also blessings beyond my imagination.

I never would have imagined the world today seventeen years ago. Though it’s changed in many ways, there are so many ups and downs, God has been faithful. He never changes. And today He showed me a glimpse of what power He has.

Listen to the latest podcast here: My Struggle With Anxiety



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