Don’t Escape Motherhood: Embrace It- Episode #20

When my children were very young I bought into the lie that I needed to escape the difficulties of motherhood, rather than embrace them. Perhaps I didn’t recognize those little people were my mission at the time. Instead of focusing on just surviving the day, I could have focused on how God would bring me through each moment. My children were watching– did I really want them to remember me just making it, or embracing the life God had given me?

Let’s not just survive our days, but thrive because we know that God has given us an amazing blessing to raise future adults. He gives us an opportunity to grow closer to Him each moment of motherhood, by recognizing we can only get by in His strength. Yes, it is hard, but any mission is hard. We should expect it to be grueling at times, but rest assured that God uses our hardships for His good.

We are serving Him through each moment of difficulty, so rather than focusing inward, if we focus on the task at hand and on others, we are sure to find so much more joy.

Motherhood is not something to escape, but to embrace. Too often though our society focuses on motherhood as if it costs us so much when in reality the rewards will be great long after we are gone. We are raising future Christ followers and our attitude should reflect Him.

Join me today as I reflect on my life in my early mothering years. I am opening up what I could have done better, and how I am moving forward embracing motherhood today and striving to do all things with excellence, instead of just enough to get by.

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