The Simple Life- Exciting Week at Love’s Farm and Living the Dream

This week was so exciting here at Love’s Farm! Our little chickens have finally laid us our first egg! It was such a thrill to find that egg after all these months of waiting. (To all of you chicken people out there…you know what I mean! 😉 )

I still am in awe of our life here. We are living the dream. For so long we dreamed of a little farm, a place where our children had space to play and explore, where learning and life were all intertwined.

We have woods and a stream for exploring, a garden to tend, and chickens to keep.

Yes, we’re living the dream that God planted in our hearts years ago. You can read all about our journey to move and why our little slice of heaven is called Love’s Farm here and here.

We built our coop…it was a project for the whole family, from the research to the final product. Yes, learning and life all intertwined.

Then back in September, we ordered 10 little chicks. We wanted to raise chickens and started with five Barred Rocks and five New Hampshire Reds. Well, the hatchery sent us one extra, so we have 11, and we still don’t know her exact breed.
Anyway, all 11 of those chicks have grown and it has been so much to watch them change right before our eyes. From the little peeps that met us in the post office when we went to pick them up, to the now very loud squawks that greet us anytime we are near…

We did lots of research as we learned to care for them. We had no idea what we were doing when we began…

Yet, they grew and grew!

I never realized how much I would enjoy going out in the mornings (except lately the cold ones, my husband does that! ;)) and caring for the chickens, the coop, and our property.
I still can’t get over it. We have our little slice of heaven, and our chicks have reminded us once more of God’s miracles. These little tiny babies grew up and did exactly what God intended for them. You research and you read about it, but to see them doing it is awesome.

We hope to have lots of abundance here to share. We see our home and our property as God’s. He has allowed us the gift of living here and won’t take it for granted. 
This spring we will double our garden and Lord willing, those chicken collectively will produce close to a dozen eggs a day. And we dream of sharing with those who need and sharing His love all we can, here at Love’s Farm.
If you are looking to live more simply and have a time of rest and renewal, join us at our retreat! We will fellowship together in God’s beautiful surroundings, undistracted with open hearts. Register early-SPACE IS LIMITED!

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