Our Trip to Sandusky, OH and Kalahari Resorts With Teach Them Diligently

Simplifying Homeschool- May 2105 Teach Them Diligently Sandusky, Ohio

Even though I type this through tired eyes and a weary mind, I have a full heart for sure. Our family just returned from our last trip for Teach Them Diligently (affiliate link)  and it was as always, amazing!

We drove out to Sandusky, Ohio to the Kalahari Resorts on Wednesday and were blessed to meet up with cousins and spend the day before the conference with them.
The kids were beyond thrilled and loved every second of the Kalahari Resorts indoor water park!

We were even able to take a quick trip to see Lake Erie. Just beautiful!

Once again, I was speaking four times at Teach Them Diligently. I was very anxious this time around and couldn’t pinpoint why. Yet, it caused me to take my eyes off of myself and on God and let Him work. When we left on Wednesday, I looked up in the sky as I was getting into the car, and right there at 6am there was an ever so slight rainbow. The funny thing was, it wasn’t even raining!  I sensed peace and knew that God would not lead us where He would not provide.

Then, once again when we were on the trip, He provided another reminder just when it was needed. I reached into my computer bag  on the second day and took out a folded up piece of paper. It was a drawing of a rainbow that a little girl drew for me back in Nashville for one of my sessions. I had told her then that I would carry it with me on my trips, and I couldn’t have picked it out at a better time on this trip. It was JUST the reminder that I needed that God keeps His promises!

Teach Them Diligently, as always is such a blessing to me. Not only is this such an inspiring conference for the homeschooling family, I was blessed by every attendee I was able to meet, hug, and share with! It’s a little glimpse of heaven to connect with fellow sisters and brothers this way!

I love the heart and the mission behind this convention. It is about SO much more than homeschooling- it is about discipleship and heart issues. If you are able to attend one in your area, don’t just sign up…RUN! I promise you, it is one of the best decisions you can make for your family. You will be encouraged, inspired, and rejuvenated. Most of all, you will be reminded of WHY you are on this journey!

There is still time for one more Teach Them Diligently event this year in Dallas, July. CLick below for more info:

Teach Them Diligently 2015 Conventions 728X90
affiliate link

Or, you can join us next year in Nashville, Atlanta,  or Sandusky once again!

The best part of this trip for me was knowing God was leading us the whole time, even when I was anxious. He worked through it. On our way home, lo and behold, we once again saw several rainbows! This time, there was even a  double. He is just so faithful.

To Him be the Glory!
My daughter and niece with The Benham Brothers- excellent keynote session!
My love and I enjoying the Kalahari Conference Center
The kids loving the vendor hall giveaways! 🙂

Read about our Nashville experience HERE
Read about our Atlanta experience HERE

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