Running the Race

So many things out there tell you how to read the Bible in just _ minutes a day…or how to “make time” for His Word. The bottom line is communicating with God should come before communicating with others, praising God should come before any other, seeking Him should not be something we make time to do, but what we live to do. He is first. He will always be. And when we stop making Him a priority, we will wonder why things don’t fall into place…they are only in their proper place when HE is.

We often wonder why our lives feel out of sync, but if we are seeking Him and communicating with him, we won’t have to wonder. He is our focus, by which everything else falls clearly into view.

Lately I have felt a bit out of sync with various things, and I know what I need to do. Take it back to Him. Keep my eyes off of this world and onto Him. Pray, cling to Him, read His Word. Forget some of the other stuff, and just be still knowing He is the One in control and not me.

As my husband said to me last night, “We know the prize at the end of the race, what counts now is how we run it…”  

How are you running it?

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