Be Content in the Season You are In

as the leaves slightly begin to change, I was reminded of this old post:

Today I noticed that the leaves are changing already…there is a slight amber glow all around. It is quite beautiful. It made me realize the blessing of every season. This was a season I wasn’t ready for…I love summer and as those long summer days start coming to an end, and the sun shines for just a little shorter time each day, my heart sinks a bit. I always miss summer…

But today, that amber glow reminded me…there is always a blessing in every season. That simple beauty was not there in the summer days. It is unique to fall.

Just like the seasons of our lives. They come and go…we yearn for the last season at times, or we yearn for a new one…yet, we forget that right there in that season, is beauty. Each season has its own beauty and its own purpose. Perfectly orchestrated by God. Each season holds its own plan.

I remember the season of being newly married. I yearned for a baby, and quickly I was in the next season. Then all of a sudden there were several babies, and here I was with a few little ones scampering around, wondering if I would ever get a minute to myself? If my house would ever be clean again?
“Oh it will be better when they are older…”

Then in that great paradox of life, they suddenly are older, and we miss the little days…Those younger years seem distant now, but they are a beautiful memory. If only I had cherished it as much while in it…

Soon, I’ll be entering the teenage season..and rather than yearn for a different season, I will bask in the amber glow of this one. The beauty that is unique to this season of life.

I will be content in whatever seasons I am in. As I myself grow older, and I look ahead, I will always promise myself to be content whatever season I am in.

God made the seasons. They are purposeful, and each one full of beauty and uniqueness. Whether it is the Springtime bursting with life, the leaves of fall withering, or the snow covered ground, there is purpose.

Whatever season of life or motherhood you are in…bask in it. Cherish it. Grow in it. See the blessings. Be grateful for the season.

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