Getting Back to Simple- Life as God Intended it To Be

Yes, my mantra here is live simply.

Have less and do more. 

Yet, it is easier said than done, right?

Life is complicated and messy and everything in between.

Just when we think we have it all figured out, something new and different is on the horizon waiting to challenge us.

Life is not simple.

But is it possible for it to be?

I read an article yesterday that really touched me. You probably saw it circulating around the web.  It really caused a stir in my heart. For this woman, she was dying and begging those left here, to live. To really live. Why does it take dying, to truly live?

Many days I will preach simple, want simple, and try to live simple, but life calls, the world calls, and I am distracted and overwhelmed.

And my purpose in simplifying is to focus on the important. That is the core reason for simplicity. To focus on the things that matter. To live the life God calls me to live. If I were not to wake tomorrow, did I live the life I preached?

I want to, but am afraid so often I get off track.

There’s only one chance to get this life lived. And we never know how many more seconds we have left. So simplicity is must.

It’s like processed food. We need to weed out the fillers. The fluff and stuff that piles up that really has no significance in the long run.

I’ve read that people refer to whole foods as the “food the way God intended it to be.” Deep down in there, was something that was nutritious once, and necessary for us to live- food. Then the world decided it could be better so they added junk to it, processed it some more, and soon the good stuff had been replaced by a quick fix of additives and chemicals- that made us sick.

Then we craved it more…we craved the junk.  The natural, wholesome nutritious food never seemed enough. We wanted the extras. We wanted the junk, that left us craving more and more…

We forgot what good food tasted like. We forgot what we really needed. Satisfying wholesome food.

Isn’t that what happens in our lives?

God was there to fill us. Nourish us. And we craved more…

We need to be living the way God intended us to live-Living For Him.

It is so simple. There is God. He is the center. He is all in all. He is our satisfying, wholesome food.

But the world tells us we need more. We need glitz and glamour and fluff and stuff. We toil and we work and we want to keep adding to what once was all we needed. We weren’t satisfied in Him alone.

But He is all we need. He is what gives us life. He is what gives us breath. He is our spiritual nourishment. Without Him at the center, we continue to try and add more and more, seeking satisfaction apart from Him.

The world is so full of distraction. May I remember that everything around me can crumble tomorrow, but He is eternal and all I need.

May I live for that truth. Really live my life authentically for Him.

Because, He is the reason we live, we move, and we exist…
(Acts 17:28)

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