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It is True What They Say..

I held that little bundle with her lips pursed, eyes closed tight, and stared at the tiny little fuzz on her ears. I remember marveling at her ears and thinking, “God knows every detail of her and He knit her together. Even down to the little fuzz.” Amazing.

“Enjoy it now…it goes by so fast.”

Yet, at that moment, time stood still. I couldn’t imagine it going fast. I couldn’t imagine anything but that moment. The marvel of the moment.

As the years passed, some days felt like an eternity.  (It definitely didn’t go fast!) Trying to potty train, getting little ones down for naps at the same time, use the pacifier or not, what to feed them, stick to the “schedule.” Tantrums. Those days dragged on forever.

Then preschool came and I remember thinking, “Someone else will spend the whole morning with her…” It was sad, but I was glad she was growing into a fun loving little girl.

She never looked back as she ran into that preschool room.

“Enjoy it…it goes so fast…”

That mantra again-
by well meaning people…oh yes, that’s just something they say…cliche.

Years passed, and time seemed to speed up.

“What? Double digits? How did we get here? “ I remember thinking on her 10th birthday…”hmmm, I guess time does go fast…”

Moments that seemed to be frozen started to melt, and soon I realized the time we have left with our daughter is now shorter than the time we have had with her. I can count on one hand the number of summers we have left…

It stings a bit.

Yet, it is the truth of life. God has made it this way and that is where the comfort lies. This is how it is supposed to be.

As I dropped her off this morning, not at preschool, but at camp- where she is not even a camper, but a counselor in  training, I watched as she ran through the very same door that she entered preschool in…and I was proud. Proud to be her mom. She has grown into a mature and trustworthy young lady. Praise God.

Then I heard the words again…

“it goes by so fast…” 

…and I realized it is true what they say. Time goes faster as it moves on, making it even more necessary to enjoy each moment and embrace it. The nap schedule, the crying, the tantrums… they all pass…but the important things remain.

Who they will become. 
More importantly, will they know Him? 
Will they give their life to Him?

Details don’t matter so much- …a strict schedule or loose, a pacifier or not, extra activities, daily things….the things we place so much value in when they are little…they are all just part of God’s grand scheme of things.  He will work out the details, if we live for Him. He will weave it all together into a purpose for them.

While I love homeschooling, it is a different choice for every family. It matters not so much where they go to school, but what you are instilling into them each day…

What matters most, is we teach them about Him.

I don’t want to get caught up in the details, but I want to continue to SEEK HIM first in everything. He knows the clock is ticking…He knows it goes so fast…and there is comfort that in eternity, there is no time. It will all be a glorious never ending eternity.

Which is why it is so important to keep our eyes on things above.

So yes, as my baby girl grows into a young lady, and time moves ever so fast, may I always keep my eyes not on the time, but on the things that matter- and continue to simply live…for Him.

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