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Even the Fireflies Praise Him

We just returned from a quick getaway with family. We stayed in a lovely cabin that provided all the comforts of home, in a peaceful and beautiful setting.

Our last night there, we sat around the campfire with dear family. As some of us were starting to sing some hymns, I looked over at the trees and there were dozens of flashing lights. The trees were lighting up with lightning bugs! With the sound of “Holy, Holy, Holy” in the background, the lightning bugs were providing us with a natural light show. It was more brilliant than any man made light show I have ever seen.

Even the lightning bugs praise His name. It was such an amazing moment. Such a testimony of His creation. All creation praises His name. All Creation sings Holy, Holy, Holy.

“Let them praise the name of the LORD, 
for at his command they were created”
Psalm 148:5

Enjoy the simple moments. There is more behind them sometimes than meets the eye.

I feel like I saw a glimpse of heaven that evening…
when ALL Creation praises His name forevermore.

Sometimes when we unplug from around us, we are met with a more brilliant view than we expect. I am glad we unplugged, embraced, and enjoyed the simple.

(We were unable to capture the moment on video even though I tried. For now it will remain a memory in my mind, perhaps that is how God wanted it.)

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