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Science and Using the Bible as Your Main Text

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Join me as I share all that we have been doing this fall since we have decided to use our Bible as our main textbook. I am joining the iHomeschool Network’s Homeschool Hopscotch! Be sure to go over and check out so many awesome topics for this huge blog hop!

Science and the Bible go hand in hand. There is so much in there for what we are studying this year, which is Genesis. So far we have studied Creation through the Flood. I am sure we could spend all year on this section alone and have enough science in there!

We have been using mostly resources from Answers in Genesis to learn about creation science.  We’ve learned about animals, classification of animlas, plants, geology, fossils, dinoasaurs, extinction, evolution vs creation, etc.  There really is so much.

Just tonight my preschooler (while in the bath) said, “Mommy, do I have a vertebrate?”

Yes, I think we are learning lots. 🙂

Some fun extra activities we have done for science and the Bible in the past few weeks:

  • Made a fossil using this experiment
  • Practiced classifying things-
  • Made a three foot model of Noah’s Ark from Answers in Genesis- learned about the scale of the vessel, etc.
  • Reports on animals of each child’s choice
  • Reports on dinosaurs
  • Reports on fossils
  • Discussions about genes (when studying generations from Adam to Noah)/ Made Family tree
We’ve watched several video that were thought provoking and always spurred great discussion. These were our favorites:

I think the most important thing to remember when schooling this way is that much of the learning takes place naturally and not artificially divided into certain subjects. For instance some weeks have tons of science (Creation, Flood, etc.) while others may have more history or writing bent. I enjoy incorporating the subjects in as they come, and feel confident we are covering quite a bit of ground.

Please visit my resource page, where I have begun listing the resources we have found to be helpful in studying Genesis. I will be adding more as we use them.  

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