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Spring Cleaning the Inside {Our Hearts} Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about our beautiful devotion time and how we talked about Spring cleaning our insides {our hearts} this week in order to receive our Risen Savior at the end of the week-Resurrection Day!

We talked about getting rid of the weeds in our garden and growing plants that bear fruit.  We compared that to our sins and to living for God.

A little while back, I shared with you about our bean sprout project in this post, A Simple but Powerful Lesson Through His Creation. We placed a bean in a jar to watch it sprout with sun light and water. We had compared the sun to His Son and the water to His Living Water.  We watched what God does, when He brings something dead to life again!  It was a beautiful example.

Since then, we have been watching that bean sprout keep growing, but this week it tied in perfectly with our devotion from yesterday. {Read about that here}  You see, the bean had sprouted some new beans, and then they withered this week. The bean sprout, which was once growing so quickly before our eyes each day, has pretty much stopped. The roots have been going down, and searching for soil, but have found none.

We are just like that. We can grow very quickly, but if we do not have good and rich soil for our roots to take hold of, we will not grow to our potential with God. 
Sure, we may grow quickly at first, but without proper nourishment, we stop bearing fruit, and we don’t reach our full potential.

Last year in our garden we had tons of green beans. The kids and I spent time remembering how tall they grew, and how they spread all over the garden, intertwining with other vines and becoming so strong.  Just like we will- if we have the proper soil to nurture us, we will grow to our greatest potential, bearing much fruit.  We will intertwine with others, growing stronger.

I am in awe of how God uses His Creation to demonstrate so many things. The kids can make connections to His Word when they see real life things in comparison. It paints a  beautiful picture for them.

I am incredibly thankful for this time of Spring Cleaning our Insides.  This week is so special. Without our Risen Savior, we have nothing. We must purify our hearts, take out the weeds, and prepare for Him to live in our hearts.

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