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My Heart In Words…

Did you ever get such a strong emotion from somewhere that you physically feel it?  Sometimes when I write, that is what I feel. My fingers physically feel alive. I can barely type the words of my heart to get it out fast enough. It’s a strange feeling to describe.

Other times, there’s nothing.  I just don’t have the words.  So I am silent.

When I write though, I feel the most at home. It is me sharing my pure inner thoughts. I guess I feel more comfortable because I don’t have to see anyone’s reactions to what I say. In real life I think I am too conscious of that.  {which I know I need to work on} Always fearing what someone thinks of me.

So be assured you all are reading the real true voice in my head. The one that comes alive in words on this blog.

I love being able to share my heart and encourage others. Just know it is a responsibility that I do not take lightly. I pray over my words, I pray over my thoughts, and you get to read the result of it.

I am excited to take this blog further.  I have plans for a devotional eBook with 31 verses for praying over your homeschool, and also a guide for new homeschooling mamas in the works.

Most of all, I am open to the Lord’s plans for me, my writing, and wherever He takes me in this life.

I am glad you are here to join me. If you haven’t already, comment below and introduce yourself. I love getting to know you all better.

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I’ll be updating the pages at the top of this blog to share more about my journey to simplify, where I have been, and how I’ve gotten here.  I will continue to keep my focus on simplifying all areas of life in order to focus on God, and truly what it means to be Simply Living…for Him!

And finally…

Don’t forget if you are looking for homeschool encouragement this summer, Jamerrill Stewart (Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling) and I will be your hostesses at Simply Led- A Day out on the Park With Spiritual Refreshment for the Homeschool Family.   Visit our facebook page for more info or our website.

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