Simply Home: A House Vs. A Home…

The epitome of your home is how it looks when no one is around.


How many times I have toiled over cleaning for company.  Trying to make my house look just so, so I am not judged by a messy room, a dusty table, or crumbs on the floor.

I am realizing more and more I don’t want to be fake.  I used to get stressed about having a spontaneous visit.

No more.

I want  my home to be an inviting place, a cozy place, and a place where the love of Christ abounds.

Do I want people to come over because my house is spic and span? Or because they can relax and feel comfortable?

A house is just a house. 

A home is where love flows through and is palpable at every corner.

I don’t want to be fake. I want to be authentic and the the truth is with four kids home all day, we get messy.  I want my heart to be free from worrying about what people think of me.

I care more about doing things than having things. 

So it is my prayer to have an open home, messy or not.  And to have it be the same whether people are around or not.
That is true authenticity and to be Simply Living…For Him.

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