Simple Pantry Items to Keep on Hand

As the bounty of summer dissipates and the eve of autumn awaits, it is more important to have fully stocked pantry.  First, the fresh veggies are out of season, so having a stocked pantry enables us to still feed our families fruits and veggies at each meal.  Second, as it gets colder, I am much less likely to make a run to the store for items.  Having a fully stocked pantry means less trips to the grocery store. (which is also budget friendly as well!)

My items I like to keep stocked up for cold months are typical for use in soups, chili, etc.  These are the types of meals we crave when the wind is howling outside and the snow is falling quickly.

So here is a list you may want to stock up on now before it is too cold, or when you see a good sale at your market!
(Remember-less grocery store trips and healthy meals!)

Beans.  For chili, side dishes, fillings for burritos, enchiladas, etc.

Chicken Stock.  I will use tons of it in winter as I make soups.

Crushed tomatoes.  Stock up when they have a good sale. Crushed tomatoes are great for soups (pasta y fagioli recipe here).  I use them for a vegetarian chili. Also great to make homemade tomato sauce when the urge arises!

Pasta and Brown Rice. A staple in our pantry ALL the time.

Canned veggies. Since the fresh produce dwindles, canned is a better alternative during winter. (frozen is even better) Even the produce in the grocery store that is fresh, is most likely less healthy than canned at this point-unless you live in a mild climate.  If you do not, chances are that produce has traveled a long way and several days to get to you, and therefore has lost many of its nutritional quality.

Boxed almond, soy, rice milk.  How many times do we run out of milk and don’t want to go out in a snowstorm to get some?  Then there’s a screaming toddler, “I want miiiiiilllk!” Here is a great alternative that does not need refrigeration and can be opened up as needed. We especially prefer chocolate flavors of these types of milks!  And they are so healthy!

Canned Pie Filling, Pumpkin, etc.  Winter means lots of pies!  Plus, canned pumpkin can be used for many other things-muffins, breads, etc.

Canned Peaches. When the days of fresh picked peaches are just a memory, satisfy that sweet craving with some canned peaches, topped with homemade whipped cream.  My kids love it.

25 lb.  bag of bread flour.  I make tons of bread, especially in winter.  I also make pizza dough and freeze it to use for all types of things besides pizza! (click here for some ideas)

So are you inspired to stock up?  Be alert for sales, stock up now and you will be assured less trips out during cold months, and still serve healthy dishes to your family!

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