Simple Health-A Lemon a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

I love the way I feel when I eat simpler, more wholesome foods.  Meals from scratch with the least amount of ingredients are always best.

I was making lemonade the other day when it hit me-lemon water.  Just lemons and water.  I remembered reading somewhere all about the health benefits of lemon water.

So I looked it up and wow, amazing!  Lemon water does so much for your health!

Just a few of the many, many things I found:

-Aids digestion
-Good for skin
-Antioxidants help prevent colds, flu, etc
-Good for liver
-soothes heartburn
-Prevents many, many diseases

So now everyday I am making a pitcher of lemon water and we are drinking it all throughout the day.  It doesn’t get much easier than squeezing some lemon juice into water.

Refreshing on a summer day and full of health benefits!

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