One More Week…

In one more week we will start our “formal” school year.  I say formal, because since I believe education is an atmosphere, everyday around here is school.

But, nevertheless, we do have a formal September-June school year.  I am very excited to begin and feeling the most prepared I have been since starting to homeschool.

A few simple ways I have prepared to make life easier once we start school is:

~I have a homeschool binder that I have separated by weeks.  Each week has a plan for the week for each child and for together work.  I also went ahead and printed out “extras.” Things like living math activities I want to do, printables for our geography curriculum, and the printouts to make our history binder builder for TruthQuest.

~Placed all books for September from our local library on hold.  All books for the fall I have ready to go on a list that I can place on hold as I need them.

~I have assembled preschool “bags” for Ethan.  These each contain an activity-puzzles, flashcards, little books, letter magnets, etc.  I will have these ready to go so he is occupied during school time. I have a general idea of what I want him to learn this year, so have assembled appropriate preschool activities. He has already started doing his “schoolwork” everyday and loves it.

~Filled up our workbox style bins for the first week with all assignments.

~Meal plan for September. I wrote out a four week meal plan so that I can shop easily and not have to ask “what’s for dinner?” even one time in September.

~Prayed, prayed, and prayed, some more over all of our choices.  Letting the Lord lead our steps is really the best plan of all for our homeschool.

What are you doing to prepare? Have you started your year yet? Are you looking forward to this year? Comment below!

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